Barn Bucks:

The "Barn Bucks" game is a very popular part of this website. At random times, students get the chance to answer a multiple choice question about reading and children's literature. These questions are based on the standards for what fifth graders should know about reading, writing, and children's literature.

Correct answers win however many "Barn Bucks" are shown with the questions (1, 2, or 5). Children accumulate these "Bucks," which can be used to choose from a selection of books that have been reviewed on the website. The process of selecting these prize books gives many children an incentive to read the reviews carefully and thus reinforces the idea that the reviews are written for a real purpose and audience.

Most of the books are used copies, obtained from library sales, yard sales and donations from students. The books are priced according to their condition and how recently they were published. Children who donate books get credits that they can use to purchase other books. Again, these credits are based on condition and publication date, although as with a bookstore, the "buying" price is less than the "selling" price.

Students who want to donate books can bring them to school, where they fill out a card with identifying information for each one. Acceptable books must have received positive ratings from other children on the web site.